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Sphinx is ready for the enterprise

Since Jannuary 2013 Palkotools offers Sphinx Video Surveillance Software for the enterprise to provide video monitoring in every day business life situations. Sphinx Enterprise is an easy to use solution to provide video streams of the companies surroundings and combine video surveillance with security workflows. For Palkotools the release of the enterprise version of the consumer product is a major milestone on the roadmap of the Sphinx Video Surveillance and Monitoring software.

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Professionals test the Sphinx 2.0 security concept

Security experts in Vienna test the goalkeeper security concept implemented with the video surveillance software Sphinx 2.0. The professional testers tried to con the cameras but couldn’t walk into the monitored security area without raising alerts and leaving marks on the computer system.

The goalkeeper security system uses two cameras, one to observe the security area and another one to monitor the computer system itself. When an intruder tries to approach the computer, all keys in memory for signing alerts will be deleted.

The complete description of the goalkeeper security system will be included in the documentation of the next Sphinx release.