About Sphinx 2.1

Sphinx 2.1 is the complete private video evidence system for home use

Sphinx 2.0 Video Monitoring Software Screenshot

Click to view full size screenshot!

Monitor your home or business while you are away 
Sphinx 2.1 is a surveillance software, which runs on your PC and monitors IP, USB and integrated cameras. It generates alerts when movement is detected.

Send SMS notifications!
Build your own home security system and get notified when alerts occur. Combine Sphinx 2.1 with the free Palkotools SMS Sender v1.2.1.

Sphinx 2.1 provides the fastest way of video viewing possible!
Watch hours of surveillance video in just a view seconds. You don’t have to watch the whole video anymore. Watch only captured video images of detected movement.

Trust what you see! All alerts are digitally signed.
You cant’t rely on a camera security system, when it’s recorded images can be changed. Sphinx 2.1 is the surveillance software that detects changed, deleted or added video images by using digital signatures.

Use alerts and video images in your office applications
Copy’n’paste images or export selected alerts to CSV and HTML with images for further use in your favorite office software.

Sphinx 2.1 is free for 30 days
Home security is affordable. Only for a limited time Sphinx 2.1 is available for a sensational low price. Try before you buy. Get the full trial version now!

Performance optimized builds for your platform (x64/x86) and installer packages with all required system components included, are available on www.palkotools.com.

Download here: http://www.palkotools.com/sphinx/download/


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